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Hail Damage A Type Of Natural Disaster

Hailstones are a solid type of precipitation often associated with thunderstorms. These stones grow larger in storms that have high velocity updrafts as the ice is lifted back up to higher elevations where another layer is formed before they become heavy enough to fall again. Stones are generally between 1/4 inch and 6 inches in diameter. There are many types of hail damage that can occur.

Both urban and rural homeowners may see problems with their roof after the storm passes. The heavy stones can cause shingles to break and require repair or replacement of the roof. Most of the time the homeowner’s policy will cover part of the cost of repairs.

Storms may also result in problems from farms. Stones larger than 3/4 inches in diameter are considered damaging to crops. Fruits on trees may be bruised so they cannot be sold. Row crops can be pounded back into the ground resulting in loss of entire fields. One of these storms at the wrong time in the growing season can eliminate the farmer’s profits.

The destruction is not limited to items on the ground. These storms can cause severe problems for airplanes as they fly. At the airport, the stones can form a sheet of ice on the runway much like snow making landing dangerous until the ice has been cleared.

In the USA, the largest hailstone recorded was about 8 inches in diameter with a weight of just less than two pounds. Although these balls of ice have the potential to cause concussions or death of humans, these occurrences are considered rare.

Thunderstorms can cause hail damage and often the destruction occurs over several miles. Although there have been attempts to minimize the destruction they cause by seeding clouds to prevent formation of stones, they have not been successful. These naturally occurring storms have caused destruction of property for thousands of years, and efforts to stop them have been largely unsuccessful.

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